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Mike Boyle

Hi Ron,

There is a lot to think about in your recent email concerning the life of a painting.  I'm presently working on an oil on canvas still life - "keeping it alive" from the first stroke to the last is all I can hope for.  I trust that the process will yield the results I'm hoping for.  Of course, I believe that a painting eventually "tells you" what must be done to achieve a happy resolution.  Speaking of Morandi, I'm very interested in all of his work, but in particular, I'm currently looking at a lot of his 1950s paintings.  The figure and ground relationships are unpredictable and wonderful... the result of experience and a trusting of one's intuition, I'm sure.  I love your '70s oil of Laurel Pope.  It "sings" with life - I remember seeing it in person.  It simply works, and is all one can really hope to achieve in painting!

Best wishes,


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