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Mike Boyle

Hi Ron,

I believe that Morandi wished to be a natural painter - that is to paint as true to his own nature as possible.  Hopper was that way also.  Their styles cannot be separated from "self".  Both were extremely successful at tapping into the deepest part of themselves, which is why I find them to be so interesting.  When I see their work, I buy into their "take" on the world.  I really can see things their way, as I can with all great painters.

As Cezanne's "little sensations" strike me as major symphonies, Morandi's musings in paint are downright profound - because his work echoes the core of who he became.

Looking at their work makes one realize what a great adventure into self-discovery real painting is.  The end product usually continues to surprise, in its freshness, generations after it was painted - the hallmark of classical painting!

I hope you continue writing on such topics, Ron.  I believe you get to the heart of the matter, concerning the nature of painting.

Best wishes,


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