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The film on Alice Neel was a revelation,and still so. I have known her work for many years, yet remain struck by the 'raw' talent of the work. Forge writes on Matisse and likeness and I am utterly interested in this essay.

Neel's work appears to convey a natural savagery. I do find myself possessed by her capacity to defend with brush such agression. For this I adore her. Derain, well -- not much to add, except to bow down to his genius. And Matisse...what could i possibly say w/ regard to such brilliance. Thank you for this post. tina

I'm glad we share an interest in the emotional content that Neel produced.
"Agression" and "natural savagery" are perhaps apt words to try to define her unique personality and means to get it into painting.
It's almost a matter of life and death to be able to generate her kind of energy into a painting. It might be said about any of us that we're painting records of our response to life and, like Alice or Frida Kahlo or Artimesia Gentileschi, the record will be reviewed (for better or worse) beyond our lifespan.

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