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Is this stringy lovely lead white? I had the chance to try it in grad school although I'm sure the consistency is different now than it was then. I can't get over the tiny brushstrokes on this piece - it is such a gem for those willing to take a closer look.

Ron Weaver

Hello Cassie,
Perhaps I should write about technical issues when I fill in what I wanted to say about this painting. But my intent will be to write about other issues. I visited Rembrandt's house and studio this Fall. In his top floor studio that he used to teach his students, docents demonstrated with period materials. Lead was definately used by Rembrandt. I also, used white oil paint with lead in it in graduate school as you did. But I don't know if such paint can be found anymore. Perhaps one could make one's ow. Not that you or I really want to. I've been using acrylic paints exclusively for several years. There was a time when I was painting with oil over the acrylic because I believed I could get a better color quality that way. Tell me what you're doing now. Is there a site where I can see what you may be making?

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