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Mike Boyle

Such a wonderful painting. Very nice! I love the lithograph also. Thanks for posting!

Ron Weaver

I've been reviewing work from years past and present. The lithograph has some characteristics of the "painterliness" that I was using in oil paint at that time.
I haven't decided what I really think of the painting of Evelyn Major. In some ways, I think it's color is less responsive to authentic portraiture and more to attractiveness. But then, I wasn't working from life out of necessity. I think I drifted into arbitrary and playful color or color to please an audience rather than the excitement that comes from a naturalistic discipline.
Anyway, putting it in a different context like this allows me to see it a little more like someone else made it and I get very clear opinions about other painter's work. I can be very quickly dismissive of poor work and I'm not dismissive of this painting although distrustful of it.

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